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Active Seniors supports a National Osteoporosis Society event 7 June 2017

Every day we see headline news on NHS costs and it’s a shocking statistic that fragility fractures are estimated to cost our healthcare economy approx £4.4 billion a year! Hip fractures alone account for 69,000 emergency admissions into English hospitals, 1.3million bed days taken and cost around £1.5m a year (as quoted by the National osteoporosis Society). Those costs don’t even touch on the pain and sometimes life changing effects of a hip fracture on the person themselves and unfortunately once you have broken a bone you are much more likely to go on to break another unless you take action.

So as nearly all of those fractures happen as a result of a trip or fall is it time for YOU to look at YOUR balance to try and prevent yourselves becoming a statistic?

Active Seniors strength and balance classes at the Community Centre on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons take balance and bone strength seriously – we know how to help you on your way to improving your balance, co-ordination and reaction times and also work with you to build strength to help you stay strong and steady. Don’t think that this is all for the less mobile person – there is never a better time to ‘bank up your balance’ for the future than whilst you are still active especially if you have Osteoporosis. We have classes to suit everyone so pick up the phone and give us a call today to start helping your bones and preventing that first fracture.

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