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According to a recent report by the Centre for Ageing Better only around 30% of people aged 55-64 meet the guidelines of 30 minutes a day of activity on at least 5 days of the week and this figure drops sharply with age with less than 10% of over 75s meeting the target.

It was also noted in the report that there are low levels of strength and balance activity despite the Chief Medical Officer recommending 2 sessions a week. But how can we expect older people to engage in these activities when 41% of over 70s don’t realise that strength and balance exercise greatly reduce the risk of falls as we age?

Here in Hagley we have strength and balance classes each Tuesday and Thursday with classes at two levels. This enables us to offer classes that suit the individual’s abilities and provide appropriate challenges to improve both strength and balance so class members can remain strong and steady as they age – and it all counts towards that weekly activity target too. Often we hear people say they feel that as they walk on a regular basis that they don’t need to think about strength and balance exercises but sadly this is not the case – we need to undertake exercises that challenge our balance to improve it! So why not make this Autumn the time to ‘bank up your balance for the future’ and give us a call to arrange a free taste session.

We are particularly keen to encourage some more men to join our classes so come on Gents give us a call!

Please note: No classes on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26 October due to half term closure “

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Last update: Friday 29 September 2017

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