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This is what our young ringers Robert, Sam & Alice have to say about why they enjoy ringing so much.

“I enjoy bell ringing as I love music, and the people here are really helpful and friendly”.

“Bell ringing is completely different from anything else I do. We have a lot of fun in the tower and everyone in the band is really nice.”

“Its very relaxed and there is no pressure to do every practice which makes it easy to fit around other activities”.

“Bell ringing is fun and it’s great to learn a new skill.”

Our more experienced ringers (joke, joke) are continually amazed at how easy the youngsters find it to learn to ring in comparison to us oldies. We are trying to move into method ringing once we have mastered hunting. After one recent attempt at something different I was heard to utter, “that sounded like a car crash”, and it did. So if there are any experienced ringers out there who could help us, please do.

Richard Scarth
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Last update: Wednesday 26 April 2017

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