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May is always a busy time in any secondary school: the start of the public exam season guarantees lots of stressed teenagers (and staff!) nevertheless; lots of other activities are ongoing at the same time.

Very recently, the school supported Fr Hudson’s ‘Walk A Mile In Their Shoes’ campaign. This initiative is essentially a sponsored walk to raise money for an outreach project of The Fr Hudson’s Society, which is the social community charity of the Archdiocese of Birmingham. Every pupil in the school walks a mile in an effort to raise funds towards a couple of projects: caring for the elderly and a women’s charity for victims of domestic violence. Thankfully the weather was bright and the funds raised were greatly received by Fr Hudsons. We have raised more money through this initiative than any other school in the Archdiocese!

Once a week a group of our pupils visit Sunfield School in Clent. We recently partook in a street dancing workshop together with their pupils, which was highly entertaining. This year has also seen collaboration with Sunfield on a photography project, as well as countless hours of social development activities! Pupils from both schools benefit greatly from our partnership.

Upcoming Events
20/6: Y7 Maths in Action
19/6 - 23/6: Y12 Higher Education Week

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