Hagley Country Dancers


We are under way for the Autumn term and on Monday afternoons Hagley Free Church Hall echoes to the sounds of Fairfield Fancy, The Queen’s Jig and The Yorkshire Square Eight as the Hagley Country Dancers return from their summer break.

As ever, there is much news to catch up on and notes to compare as the members recommence the sessions.

New members are always made welcome and there is always plenty of helpful advice available for anyone taking the plunge into what may be a completely different experience.

Whilst we may not be as glamorous as “Strictly”, we offer an hour and a half of pleasant company, gentle exercise and just a bit of an incentive to get the grey cells working.

So, if you have a bit of time to spare on Monday afternoons, are moderately active, (e.g. if you can walk) and enjoy a bit of socialising, come and see what we do.

There is plenty of parking via Chapel Street.

There is no charge for a first visit, subsequently the cost is £2 per person.

For more information, ring me.

June Waterhouse

Last update: Friday 29 September 2017

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