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The churchyard has seen a beautiful display of snow-drops this year. We are indebted for the help we have received over the years in keeping the area round the church so tidy and welcoming. It is very sad to see how the areas around some churches in the country are becoming increasingly over grown. Thank you to everyone who helps to keep St. John’s, so spick and span.

The new pub the “King Arthur” has a new Community Room open to local organisations. The bell-ringers used this room for their Christmas bash in December and were made very welcome by all the staff there. Thank you.

The local Scout hut I know is out of use at the moment.  They have used the Wychbury Room by the side of St. John’s for a first aid course in January. There are links at this page to see the availability of the room and how to arrange using it. The parking there is very good.

With the possibility of the Community Centre closing during renovations in the future it’s good to know where there are local rooms for hire. The U3A I know use rooms in the Free Church.

Richard Scarth
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Last update: Wednesday 28 February 2018

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