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Badminton Coaching for Beginners continues on a Friday from 7pm to 8pm (£5 for adults, £3 for juniors). Come and learn basic footwork, how to serve, drop shots, net shots, smashes, clearing shots and the basic rules of the game. The club can provide rackets and shuttles, so there is no reason not to give it a try. We play in the Sports Hall at Hagley Catholic School.

More experienced, competitive players are welcome at our later session from 8pm to 10pm (£5 visitors fee). We are a friendly club, so visitors will get a warm welcome, and get to play plenty of games.

Socially, post-match drinks at the French Hen continue every Friday. We also arrange other social evenings (skittles / curry nights etc.) during the year. In December we have our HCK Badminton Christmas party, which is being held at Wharton Park Golf Club in Bewdley. We are offering this event to the beginners class members also, whether you have just started or you have been coming down for a while now, ALL members are welcome to enjoy the festivities with HCK.

For more information regarding the beginners or main club, please contact me.

Sam Ryder
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Last update: Friday 29 September 2017

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