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Hagley Helpline has celebrated various milestones over the years. Last year was our 25th – to mark the occasion an Anniversary Supper for Helpline volunteers was held. We were delighted to welcome Margaret Oliver who had originally suggested forming a group to provide a service for Hagley resident’s way back in 1990.

In our first year nearly 100 individuals approached Helpline. In excess of 500 specific tasks were undertaken by a team of 55 volunteers. Last year in 2016 – 415 requests were made. To date we have 47 volunteers, 32 of whom are drivers.

In the beginning some people questioned the need for such a service in Hagley. Many of our aims and objectives didn’t reach maturity either for legal, insurance restrictions or health and safety reasons.

Today, requests are for transport mainly for medical appointments or occasionally for essential shopping. We do our best to respond positively to each request received and with the knowledge that our clients are very grateful for the service we provide for local residents. Hopefully we can continue for many more years to come Hagley Helpline is a registered charity and is available for Hagley residents of any age group. If you feel you could benefit from our service, or know any Hagley resident who could, please contact our office between 10 a.m. and 12 noon Monday to Friday on 886696.

Anne Garth

Last update: Saturday 25 February 2017

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