Neighbourhood Watch


Because of the sensitive nature of this subject matter it is not possible to report full details of the results

and achievements of the Neighbourhood Watch.

I will say that since we set the Watch page up earlier this year and arranged the three public meetings

we have received fantastic support and without your input the successes that we have had couldn’t have

been achieved. The Watch has alerted residents to actively report suspicious activities or crimes that

perhaps wouldn’t have been previously, meaning that the Policing Team are fully aware of the effect that

crime is having in Hagley.

Whilst we can’t eradicate crime completely on our own, I know the Police are appreciative of everyone’s

support. I do feel that we have a good working relationship with the Police and the visit we had from the

Police and Crime Commissioner left the authorities in no doubt what so ever as regards the strength of

feel in our community.

I’m sure Anti-Social Behaviour and crime across Hagley hasn’t gone completely away and we wait with

baited breath for the next criminal act, but whilst we have more eyes watching over each other we have

made it a little more difficult for uninvited guests. Have a lovely New Year and as someone once said

“Keep ‘em peeled”.

Hagley Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators Steve Colella and Roger Seabury

Kathryn Grocock

Last update: Saturday 30 December 2017

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