Neighbourhood Watch


At a recent divisional meeting at Bromsgrove where our local police inspector, Chief Inspector Tony Love spoke of his commitment to working with the Watch. He appreciates the active work of members which helps to counteract the ever resourceful criminal.

Local policing is community based; active watch co-ordinators can have the local police officer’s mobile ‘phone number to quickly report incidents. Hagley, Romsley and Rubery, suffer with criminals from outside the area causing the majority of offences.

Smartwater, a form of invisible marking can be obtained through Bromsgrove Watch Office if there is sufficient interest. This product can be given its own type of DNA (the police can detect the product issue batch). The marking is permanent, a small container will cost about £20.

If Hagley had sufficient interest, local Neighbourhood Watch signs could be bought showing Hagley was a Smartwater marked area. Hopefully the criminals would move to a less protected area.

If a criminal handles a marked item they will carry the Smartwater on their skin. When arrested the police will be able to detect the product.

Changes in population, housing and lifestyle mean demands on neighbourhood Watch are continually changing. To be a viable force in the community new active people must come forward. Keep in touch with your local co-ordinator or myself if you have concerns and we will try to help.

Kathryn Grocock

Last update: Monday 5 November 2012

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