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There has been an increase in interest in the CCTV surveillance system in and around the playing fields.

The initial CCTV cameras were installed in 2002 under a Government initiative and were supported by Hagley Parish Council by way of a contribution towards the installation costs. The surveillance team is run and managed jointly by Bromsgrove DC and Redditch BC and covers the whole of these areas plus areas in Wyre Forrest district.

The ‘bank’ of screens are monitored 24/7 365 by a dedicated team of trained operators. There is a two-way communications system, which includes instant alerts between the operators and the Police.

The operators work under the Government’s ‘Surveillance Camera Office Code of Practice’ and undergo regular compliance assessment.

It has been confirmed to me that the cameras are working correctly and are set to pre-set sweeps, or can be in a fixed position or remotely moved by operators for proactive monitoring.

The operators have been asked to increase their vigilance in Hagley and are proactively monitoring and trying to spot anti-social behaviour and of course the perpetrators of crime. Footage is being provided to the Police who are following up on a number of leads in respect of recent ASB and crime. It is of course disappointing when the cameras don’t pick up on serious incidents or provide the evidence that we would hope for.  As soon as incidents are reported the surveillance team is contacted and asked to review footage and save any evidence that the cameras pick up.

Steve Colella and Roger Seabury Hagley Neighbourhood Watch administers

Kathryn Grocock

Last update: Wednesday 30 August 2017

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