Neighbourhood Watch


January saw a spate of car break-ins using a sophisticated electronic device which deflects signals from key-fobs that are within the property.  The assailant does not need to gain access to the property or even to know where the key-fob is kept. The crime called ‘relay attack’ is aimed at the most modern vehicles whereby the key sends out a message to unlock the vehicle of its own volition as the vehicle is approached.  Vehicles with the older style press button key-fob cannot be activated using this device. In order to offer a defence against such an intrusion there is a ‘pouch’ which when the key-fob is stored in deflects any such signals and as such negates the attempted unforced vehicle entry. These can be found in any outlet that sells household and personal security protection systems. However, it should be remembered that any vehicle is an easy target and valuables should be removed from the vehicle and checked that it is locked when unattended.

Steve Colella

Last update: Wednesday 28 February 2018

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