Esther GittoesI've lived in Hagley for over a year now, but this isn't my first experience of this beautiful village. My first experience of Hagley was being dropped off for my first day of school at Haybridge High School, back when it used to be on Park Road. I remember the daunting moment of walking through the gates for the first time, which now feels like a lifetime ago.

Fast forward two years when I had moved up to Brake Lane, I would always catch the train home from school to Blakedown. But one day a week, my friend and I would walk from school up the main road to my Grandad's house, stopping off at Spar for a few treats. We would sit and play on the computer for hours, no Internet, just paint, before my mum would pick us up.

Fast forward ten years and I'm now living in that same house that my Grandad had lived in writing for the Village News. So although I've only lived in Hagley for one year, it has been part of my life for many more.

July 2017