Rates & Stuff

The Licensing Act 2003 has amalgamated six existing regimes and came into force on 24 November 2005. Our Community Centre will continue to operate as it has always done, in accordance with the Public Entertainment Licence. However, if people want to sell alcohol, even included in a ticket price, they will be required to apply to Bromsgrove District Council for a Temporary Event Notice at least ten days before the event and details can be found on Bromsgrove District Council's website <just click this link.. Hagley Community Centre can only hold 12 such licences between 1 January and 31 December.

Some Clubs and Associations are affiliated and enjoy hiring the centre at a lower rate. The Community Association view affiliated bodies as those which enrich and glue together the fabric of village life.

If you hire the centre you will receive an invoice in the following month, cheques should be made payable to "Hagley Community Association".

Current Charges effective 1 September 2016
Monday to Thursday   Affiliated   Not Affiliated
8am to 1pm   £25.00   £44.00
1pm to 6pm   £25.00   £44.00
6pm to midnight   £34.00   £78.00
8am for 24 hours   £70.00   £137.00
Friday   Affiliated   Not Affiliated
8am to 1pm   £25.00   £44.00
1pm to 6pm   £25.00   £44.00
6pm to midnight   £93.00   £187.00
8am for 24 hours   £118.00   £230.00
Saturday   Affiliated   Not Affiliated
8am to 1pm   £40.00   £84.00
1pm to 6pm   £40.00   £84.00
6pm to midnight   £96.00   £192.00
8am for 24 hours   £145.00   £310.00
Sunday   Affiliated   Not Affiliated
8am to 1pm   £37.00   £74.00
1pm to 6pm   £37.00   £74.00
6pm to midnight   £34.00   £68.00
8am for 24 hours   £90.00   £178.00

The Meeting Room is £8 per hour for affiliated users but otherwise £16 per hour. The affiliation fee is £36 per annum.

There is also a "Special Children's Party Rate" of £60 for a child up to the age of 12 years. This rate applies to Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons only.

  1. Payment to be made on receipt of invoice
  2. Hire can only commence when a signed agreement to conditions of hire has been returned and payment has been received
  3. Maximum numbers of people allowed:
    • seated no more than 210
    • dances and discos no more than 175 to be admitted
  4. It is the responsibility of the hirer that the sale of alcoholic drink is authorised by licence issued by the appropriate licensing authority.
  5. Hirer to read and agree to full schedule of standard conditions of hire (and schedule of special conditions for public entertainment where applicable) displayed in the Community Centre and here
  6. Centre keys are stored in a keysafe at the Centre. You will be given the keysafe code to get the keys but please return them to the keysafe when you leave.
  7. Hirer to familiarise themselves with the fire exits and location of fire extinguishers and to make sure that all people using the hall whilst they are hiring it are aware of these
  8. Centre to be vacated promptly on completion of hire and left in a clean, tidy and orderly condition after use
    • Chairs stacked correctly
    • Tables stacked correctly
    • Floor swept
    • Toilets and kitchen to be left in a clean and orderly condition
    • All rubbish to be taken away with you
    • An extra charge may be made for cleaning if these conditions are not met
  9. Any breakages or damage should be reported to 07891 365290 as soon as possible, there may be an extra charge to cover these
  10. you leave please ensure that you
    • Close and lock all windows and shutters
    • Turn off all heating controls
    • Close all internal doors
    • Turn off all the lights (including car park lights)
    • Lock all the outside doors
    • Dispose of all your rubbish
  11. Hagley Community Association reserve the right to withdraw or cancel bookings without prior notice. Please note that hirers must be over 18