Welcome to August’s edition of Hagley Village News.

The children have broken up from school, so it's time to get the ice creams and BBQ's at the ready. There's a lot going on in Hagley during this month.

Hagley String Orchestra are on the look out for people who can play Violin, Viola, Cello of D.B, more information here on how to get in touch. HCK Badminton's summer club still continues, more information here, and The Hagley Tuesday Group are reaching out to old members for the reunion in September here. Don't forget to look at the back page for 'Little Kickers' a football club for children.

A Massive good luck to all students in Hagley who will be picking up their A level and GCSE results this month, I'm sure all of the hard work has paid off. Good luck to the next stage of your journey whether that will be college, employment or University. I know that your teachers, friends and family will be so proud of your achievements, congratulations!

For help with UCAS clearing for University, have a look on the WHICH? Website for help and advice.


The month of August is actually named after Augustus Caesar who was the founder and first emperor of the Roman Empire.

Esther Gittoes