Welcome to September's edition of Hagley Village News.

This month we will be welcoming new students to the schools of Hagley and saying farewell as some students head into Employment, College, Apprenticeships and University. Check out our tips here, for an easy progression into the next phase of education.

Once again we have a lot happening this month in Hagley. The students of Hagley in particular are doing extraordinary things this month. Congratulations, to The Hagley Explorer Scouts who have raised funds and completed a fantastic trip, more here. It's great to see what the students of Haybridge are up to, each year group seem to have had amazing activities planned. More here.

Friends of St Johns will be welcoming a guest speaker who will be talking about The Ifakara Bakery Project, Click here. If you are feeling generous this year and happy to give up your time and volunteer for the Christmas in Hagley, find out more here.

Finally I would like to apologise for the confusion in last month's edition in regard to the opening hours of Hagley Doctors surgery. Please be advised that the Doctor's are open five days a week.


September is often associated with fire because the month was dedicated to the Roman God Vulcan, who is the God of Fire and the Forge.

Esther Gittoes