To all customers and staff-past and present of Spar Hagley You will be aware that Val and I have sold Spar and Subway Hagley to Blakemore Retail, the Spar wholesaler who will continue to trade as SPAR.

I have been a self-employed retailer for 36 years; the last 30 years here in Hagley. The success we achieved over that time could not have been made without your custom and the hard work of the staff.

I would like to thank all of my family for their help and support, my wife Val and Rachel and Nathan. Spar Hagley has reduced the time I should have spent with them over the years but perhaps they see that as a blessing! Both Rachel and Nathan will now be employed by Blakemore Retail along with all of our staff. Also special thanks to Lorraine Austin who for over 20 years has never complained - just got on with it exceptionally well.

There is one other person I should specifically mention - when I took the shop over he was already working there so he's put in a greater length of service than myself and we have worked together for 30 years. Throughout that time he has made the job easier, more enjoyable and rewarding. David Sutton said he wouldn't work for anyone else after 30 years working for it's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from him.

Allan Lane