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New School Survival Guide

Whether you are transitioning into Sixth Form, University or High School read our tips for an easy transition

  • Attend social events and induction days before the first day of school. It's a relief seeing familiar faces when you walk through the gates.
  • Remember that everyone is in the same boat. It's not just you, transitioning into a new school; the whole class is experiencing the same.
  • Join Facebook groups. Most Universities and perhaps some colleges or schools have Facebook groups. Here you might find out who is in your class, who is commuting and whom you may be sharing Uni accommodation with.
  • Practice tying your tie. You will need to be able to learn when dressing for PE, or when you're running late and have to do it on the commute to school.
  • If you're unsure of what uniform to wear, what bags can be taken etc. Take a trip to the school before the holidays and see what students are wearing. It's difficult with the trouser VS skirt debate.
  • Be organised! Especially when it comes to your timetable, print several copies and add lessons to your calendar on your phone. There's nothing worse then walking late into the wrong classroom.
  • Interact with the people in your form or in the first class of the day. These will be the most likely group you'll hang out with for the first couple of weeks. With Uni students, interact with your housemates, these are also the first group you will most likely be with.
  • Talk to the person sitting next to you. With seating plans set in motion, it's ideal to make friends with that person as you could be sat together for a while.
  • Don't be too shy to ask for help, it's a new environment so you're bound to get lost.
  • Take lunch to school on the first day, so you can suss out the canteen. Take enough money for a trip to the shop with your new mates. Or for Uni students, a beer to break the ice.
  • Plan your school route and perhaps walk with a neighbour who attends the same school.
  • Make sure the pencil cases are full and the notebooks are nestled in your bag the night before.
  • Lastly‚ĶRelax! Stop worrying as to whether you'll make friends or what your teachers will be like. It will all be fine in the end.