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Hagley Neighbourhood Watch Update

Thank you to the 80 people who were able to come to the meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner in October.

The meeting was informed of Anti-Social Behaviour by a group of youths around Sweetpool Nature Reserve. Residents were able to give the Policing team a great deal of information and details of these activities and as a result the Police have carried out a range of covert and overt operations. From the information discussed it was clear that there are individuals not from Hagley but are coming in and meeting up with local children.

It was alarming to hear what influence that this group is having on local children and we would like parents to ask themselves if they know where their children are and to ensure that they are not being led astray by this group.

It was agreed that the Watch team would arrange similar quarterly meetings. A few useful tips were raised such as the 'Whatapp' group set up by the residents of Wychbury Fields. This enables quick responses to messages between close groups of neighbours. This is a useful form of communications but please do not forget any non-users that also are your neighbours.

We are planning to have a Saturday drop in session, which will include producers of home security services and devices. As soon as we have a wide range of suppliers we will advertise the event in more

Steve Colella and Roger Seabury Hagley Neighbourhood Watch administers