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A new Hagley Neighbourhood Watch has been set up by Steve Colella and Roger Seabury. At the moment this is primarily internet based but we do intend to ensure that those non users of social media are also kept informed of what the Neighbourhood Watch is doing and how to get involved. For social media users we can be found on Facebook by searching Hagley Neighbourhood Watch.

The number of viewers and postings are increasing all of the time and it is proving a great way to circulate messages quickly and effectively.

Plans are in place to produce a Neighbourhood Watch newsletter. This will give help and advice as well as important contact details.

A recent public meeting was attended by PC Burling and Sergeant Catherwood who were able to inform the meeting that Police presence was being increase, during the day, evening and late at night. It was also reported that the Police have been able to stop a recent increase in burglaries and vehicle thefts by making a number of significant arrests.

However, the message remains please be vigilant. Remember if you’re going away tell your neighbours and if you see something suspicious report it by calling 101. No one minds if it turns out to be a false alarm. This is new to Hagley and is being improved as we go along but in the meantime for further information visit the Facebook page or contact me

Steve Colella and Roger Seabury