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At the April 2017 Bromsgrove District Council meeting a Motion on Notice was tabled (Cllr Colella) in respect of the continuing problem with poor air quality along the A456 and throughout the district of Bromsgrove.

The motion called on Bromsgrove District Council to recognise its statutory duty in respect of managing poor air quality by introducing and implementing measures that will reduce the effect of poor air quality caused by transient traffic. The main cause of Air Pollutants is through stop start, slow moving traffic all of which have been exacerbated by the changes to the A456 and A491 introduced as part of the Wychbury Fields housing development. The motion was unanimously supported and as a result BDC will introduce an Air Quality Action Plan into its Corporate Plan later this year.

A further Motion on Notice was also tabled as a result of increasing concerns related to pedestrian safety and parking issues outside many schools across the district to seek support to increase the number of Traffic Enforcement Officers to increase the number of patrols in Bromsgrove. The leading group amended the motion so that it would now go to Overview and Scrutiny for further investigation.

District Councillor Colella (Hagley West) and Jenkins (Hagley East).