As well as your Terms and Conditions of hire, this document sets out the things that will be useful to you when using The Community Centre. If you need further advice ‘phone 07891 365290.

Don't text this number, calls are forwarded to another number, text are not.

The maximum number of people allowed in The Community Centre is:
Seated - no more than 175
Dance & discos - no more than 210 to be admitted

As the Hirer it is your responsibility that the sale of alcoholic drink is authorised by licence issued by the appropriate licensing authority.


You access the Community Centre by the side door (next to the car park). There is key safe to the left of the door, open the safe and take out the keys.

On the key ring is a brown key, it opens the door in front of you, unlock it first. The other key opens the front door and the steel shutters (lock on the outside to the right)

You will have been supplied with your personal electronic door code for the electronic Yale lock, without this you cannot get into The Centre.

Hold your hand over the keypad of this lock and when it lights up punch in your code FOLLOWED BY THE STAR. When the lock will plays a tune turn the knob and you're in.

Please ensure that any hirers, outside parties, contractors or attendees are aware of your period of hire and that they will not be able to enter before or leave after your hire period.

The hire periods are as follows:
08.00hrs to 13.00hrs
13.00hrs to 18.00hrs
18.00hrs to midnight


No smoking is allowed on the premises. In the event of a fire, the Community Centre should be evacuated in an orderly manner using the appropriate exits, and the Fire Brigade called by dialling 999.

The exact location of the nearest telephone, fire exits and fire extinguishers must be noted before the Community Centre is occupied and the manner of opening Fire Doors should be made known to your attendees. There is NO TELEPHONE on the premises. The nearest public telephone is located on the Worcester Road so you are advised to have a fully charged mobile telephone for use in case of emergency.

Please use the trolleys provided to stack tables and chairs where appropriate in order to avoid injury and ensure that all chairs and tables are stacked after your event. If using the Meeting Room please ensure that all tables and chairs are left in accordance with the diagram on the wall.

There is NO FIRST AID BOX on the premises and you should make suitable provision for this. The accident book is located on the rear of the cleaner's cupboard in the kitchen.

Emergency contact numbers are displayed on the notice boards.

Power, Heating, Internet and Hearing Loop

main fuse box is located in the main hall in a black box mounted on the inside rear wall;
The heating controls are located in the corridor near the Committee Room
Internet connection details sent to you after hire
The hearing loop controls are located on the stage at the top of the steps on the left

Car Parking

The car park adjacent to the Community Centre is for use by the hirers of the Community Centre only, if anyone else is parked there you have the right to ask them to leave.

There is a lockable barrier and the barrier key is located on the back of the cleaning cupboard door located in the kitchen. Please park sensibly within the marked bays and note that the disabled bays are for cars displaying a disability badge only.

Consideration for Others

Please ask attendees to leave quietly at the end of your event. Car doors banging and loud talk in the car park are disturbing to local residents.

Care of the Community Centre

Our Community Centre is used by a large number of people every week and is maintained solely by income from room hire, we receive no other funding. We therefore ask that you respect these premises.

Nothing should be attached to the walls or other surfaces using Sellotape, pins, drawing pins, Bluetak or other similar products.

No chairs or other furniture should be placed in the toilets for health and safety reasons.

At The end End of Your Event

Please leave the Community Centre clean and tidy and ensure all waste is removed from the Centre at the end of your event. There are waste bins in the car park for hirers use only. However, if these are full you should take any remaining waste away with you and must not stack rubbish around the bins. We reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee if the centre is not left clean and tidy.

Final Check and Security

Clean and fold all tables and stack on trolley and stack all chairs appropriately
Sweep up
Meeting Room furniture is laid out according to the diagram on the wall
Turn off all taps
Switch off heating and heater in lady's toilet
Close all windows
Secure all fire exits
Close all internal doors
Turn all lights off
Lower shutters
Return barrier key to cleaning cupboard in kitchen
Lock all external doors and PLEASE RETURN THE KEY TO THE KEY SAFE…