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Active Seniors

By the time you read this the clocks will have gone back and the evenings will be darker with less daylight hours. A lot of people will become less active due to poorer weather and darker evenings. So for those of you out there that are reasonably active what can you do to increase you activity levels during the winter months? Why not try some wall presses or a little bit of strengthening using some household objects such as a bottle of water or a large tin of beans to promote upper arm strength? If you have stairs what about using the bottom step to step up and down to improve your leg strength, or do half a dozen squats by the kitchen sink whilst you wait for the kettle to boil. We can all add things into our everyday life around the home to keep ourselves active. However, if you need a bit of guidance and feel a class would benefit you why not give us a call? We have the last few remaining places available in our classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (3.154.15) for the more able older person. These are really nice friendly and lively classes suitable for people who are perhaps newly retired or for those that are usually fairly active but the colder weather and shorter days may increase the need for alternative ways of exercising. If you would like more details or to chat about the class we would love to hear from you.

Angela & Kim

07512 546480