The Village Notice Board

Hagley Neighbourhood Watch

A meeting was called by parents in respect of the rise in Anti-Social Behaviour, its impacts on the wider community and the role that Haybridge High School and authorities can play in tackling this behaviour.

A summary of the most recent ASB was circulated for discussion.  It was noted that the main core of those responsible are not new to Hagley and have come through the school system whist there are also some youths coming into Hagley from neighbouring towns.

It was acknowledged that the Schools do take their role in community stewardship very seriously repeatedly stressing to students how they should behave not only in school but also in the community.  The group acknowledged that the overwhelming numbers of students are a credit to Hagley, the schools, parents and the community but unfortunately it was a very small group responsible for these events.

The group committed to investigating the reports and seriously exploring what it can do.  It was acknowledged that these were serious matters and a full range of measures were discussed on how to tackle these incidents outside the school gates.

Bullying and intimidation, both physical and through social media was discussed and how one particular person has been severely affected.  It was agreed that actions should be taken to support this person to build confidence and self-esteem. A further follow up meeting was agreed in to be held in November.

Steve Colella and Roger Seabury joint Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators