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Hagley Country Dancers

Many of the dances we perform were written for a specific occasion or person, such as a wedding anniversary or the individual being honoured on a specific occasion. Examples of such dances are Coronation Day or Lord How’s Jig or Mr. Isaac’s Maggot. Some, however, have names whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

One such dance, which we learned recently, is Mage on a Cree, which first appeared in John Playford’s English Dancing Master in 1651. The name was changed to “Mage on a Tree” and again to “Margery Cree” later in the 17th century, but is now known by its original name. Whatever the true title, it has never been definitively explained. Whether Mage on a Cree or Margery Tree, it is an enjoyable dance.

We will not be meeting on 4 November as the Free Church Hall is out of use on that day. From 11 November, we are back to normal. Dancing starts at 2 p.m. and finishes at 3.30 There is plenty of parking via Chapel Street. There is no charge for a first visit, subsequently the cost is £2 per person. For more information, ring June Waterhouse, 01562 700369