The New Homes Bonus scheme for 20/21 has closed. I’m pleased to report that Hagley Ramblers Scout Group received a grant towards new stores at the Scout Hut; Cllr Colella received a small grant towards a tree planting scheme and Cllr Colella (with the support of Cllr Kent) received a grant for signage to be erected outside schools encouraging motorist to turn off engines whilst parked. I’m also pleased to report that my proposed extensive tree planting scheme across the district has been accepted by BD Council and has gone to Cabinet for final approval. There are a couple of very important Government ‘White Papers’ which will undoubtedly affect Hagley. The first being Planning review; this is Government’s ideas for delivering new housing through planning reform. It has an annual target nationally to deliver 300,000 new houses each year for the next 10 years or so by streamlining current planning processes based on planning for development, planning for infrastructure and planning for beautiful and sustainable places. I’m very concerned with the outcomes of this paper and have made my representations known as part of the consultation. The implications for the district is that the housing target could easily be doubled. Secondly a Paper on devolution which basically looks to restructure local government. You may know that I’m a long-time supporter that local decision making should be closer to home. I favour a two-tier governance structure i.e. Parish Councils at grassroots level, making local decisions and a ‘super’ North Worcestershire district council.